Learn how to create a Click Funnel in WordPress for free

Create a Click Funnel with WordPress for Free

Save hundreds of $$$ every month with your own free click funnels.

Email opt-in, mailing list integration, accept payments, and MUCH more...

Because it's inside your WordPress website, it's awesome for SEO!

Forget Clickfunnels, forget expensive plugins --- learn (and implement) free click funnels in WordPress.

Follow the whole course, or pick and choose the sessions that would benefit you.

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So, what are click funnels?

Everybody who is making money online uses click funnels.

They are a series of ultra focused webpages with one - and only one - goal in mind. 

To make your visitor do what you want them to do.

* Gather and grow a mailing list
* Download/get a lead magnet
* Make a purchase
* Make an up-sell (down-sell, etc)

On this course you will learn how to create a fully featured click funnel using WordPress - and be able to implement it immediately.

Like this one: www.simongoodchild.com

What are the benefits of a click funnel in WordPress?

1) Well, there's saving money of course. I don't use any plugins, themes or services that cost you anything.

2) SEO! Google loves WordPress. And unfortunately services like ClickFunnels.com do not give you control over your page content to the level of being able to optimize and maximize your search engine optimization.

3) It's in your site. So you can run your blog (also great for SEO), a membership site, an online shop - literally ANYTHING you can do with WordPress.

4) You're just learning how to create a click funnel.

5) A landing page, followed by a series of other web pages, that leads your visitor, and converts them --- to whatever it is you want them to be!

Do you need to be technical?

No. Everything is point and click. No coding or "CSS" skills are required.

If you have them, awesome! But they are not necessary.

You will learn how to create a clickfunnel in WordPress immediately!

Everything you do, will cost you nothing!

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What's included?

21 Videos
10 Texts
2 PDFs
2 Presentations
12.0 hrs
Simon Goodchild
Simon Goodchild
WordPress and Click Funnels ninja!

About Simon Goodchild

I was nearly arrested for building a website. It was an unofficial one for the NHS in the UK (they didn't have one at the time). In the same week I was verbally abused by the National Horse Show, and threatened with the sack by my employers.

But fast forward to happier times. I was offered the job of creating the first website on the new NHS Intranet (2nd largest in the world at the time), and helping NHS organisations to create an online strategy. I then created and "sold" the idea of www.nhs.uk - which now gets 23 millions visitors a month.

I now work with individuals, organisations and businesses on achieving success and growth online.

I focus on getting you traffic (Facebook Ads and Instagram, for example) and the converting your traffic with click funnels.

Nothing gets me more excited than an over-achieving click funnel! And I'm thrilled to be able to offer you a way to build your click funnels for absolutely nothing... for free!


100% Guaranteed - 30 day money back guarantee

Create your click funnel NOW!

Remember - 30 day, 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to risk.

If you follow the instructions on the course, and I can't help you after you reach out for help, I'll give you back your money.

No questions asked, we'll still be friends ;)